The story of Erzetič family from Višnjevik is for a long time in close connection with nature, viticulture and wine production. The inhabitants of Višnjevik will say you that the homestead is called ‘pri Martinovih’ because it was devised in 1725 by first landowner Martin, that’s why this name is still in use nowadays.

Viticulture tradition and love for wine were passed down from one generation to another, and that’s why also Anton has given precious experiences to his son Aleksij, who is improving them with diligence and a clear vision. Working in vineyards is a never ending story that’s why it’s so important also the help of other family members: his wife Vera, daughter Teja and his son Andrej, who are very proud of viticulture tradition and they set to work very quickly and with sparkles in their eyes. The youngest daughter Neja, who is very mischievous is taking care for amusement and happiness of her family and guests for now.

Family ErzetičFamily ErzetičFamily Erzetič

In the autumn all the extended family is joining grapes picking, which will become the soul of wine story and the Erzetič family is highly esteeming family values and tradition. For years all the Martin’s generations are maintaining their homestead with respect and diligence and they’re trying to reach success and improvements. They stay loyal to land of Brda and join the traditional ways of making wine with modern knowledge and technology and in this way the excellent varietal wine is enriched.

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